Weddings take time, hard-work and months of using pinterest. As newly-weds, it is my priority to give you the wedding you have always dreamt of and deserve. I want to be there to make your wedding day the best day of your life. As you sip your champagne and dance the night away, I will be taking care of business. 

You've found yourself here most likely because you are recently engaged and I cannot wait to hear more of your story!

and so much congrats!


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Planning your wedding can be stressful but don't fret, finding a wedding planner just got a whole lot easier. 



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Month of Coordination

Rachael Singleton, bride

"Annah was simply amazing! I hired her as a full service wedding planner & it was the best decision I've ever made. She helped me in ever way possible, from choosing vendors to plate settings. She always exceeded my expectations on how organized, detail oriented and professional she was. Annah knew all the right questions to ask ( questions I didn't even think of) and dealt with difficult situations with grace. I didn't have to worry about a thing the day of, and I trusted her entirely. "

Client Love 

Mallori Jabbour, Bride

"Annah was AMAZING! I can't recommend her enough!! I used her for a month out and day of coordinating. She made me feel confident in the days leading up to my wedding and took all the stress off me. She handled everything day of wedding, she didn't text or call me one time but was very fast at answering anytime I texted her. Any issues I had throughout the wedding (guests not sitting in their assigned seats, etc.) she handled immediately! Highly recommend!"

Annie Pagnucco, Bride

" Annah at Everlasting Affair was such a breath of fresh air to work with. Weddings are already stressful enough and having Annah walk us through it, was absolutely worth it. She is such a beautiful, vivacious, well organized, talented, and thoughtful individual. She was always willing and punctual about answering any questions or concerns I had, and always made me feel important. Whether you are looking for a full wedding planner or just the day of, Annah is truly a natural at this and I highly recommend her for your wedding."

Cassie Koester, bride

"Annah was our day of coordinator for our wedding on 11/15/19 and she was absolutely wonderful to work with!! We had a smaller wedding, but I knew I needed to hire someone we could trust to execute everything and bring our vision to life. Annah did just that for us and so much more. She took care of every detail and showed so much compassion and care for our big day, which mens so much. Thank you, thank you for your amazing work!!!"

Angel Xiong,  bride

"Annah was absolutely AMAZING!!! My day was PERFECT because of her. She really paid attention to all of the details I wanted and executed them perfectly. The day before my Wedding, we had to do some last minute changes due to the weather and Annah was so understanding and flexible. She's the best!"

Alyssa Gant, Bride

" Annah was absolutely perfect in every way! I am so grateful to have had her through my entire process. She helped me make decisions that I just felt that I couldn't make and she went above and beyond to make my special day perfect. I couldn't have done it without her and I'm forever thankful for her kind spirit. I love you Annah!!"

Amy Prevat, MOB

" Annah was such a big help to me and my daughter when planning my daughter's wedding. She was always so positive and calm but also super organized. She made lists and double checked that we had everything covered. She worked with all of our vendors to ensure everything was on time and as expected. She spent lots of time with us at our venue walk through and helped keep us organized at the rehearsal as well. On the day of the wedding it was such a comfort to have Annah handling any last minute issues and always with a smile. Highly recommend Annah as your Day of Coordinator!"

Lizzy Harris, Bride 

"Annah did an amazing job as our day-of-coordinator. Even when there were last-minute changes, like rain, she kept me at ease, and our wedding was beautiful and went incredibly smoothly. Annah did a great job communicating with everyone and setting everything up, and I knew I had nothing to worry about. I was able to enjoy the day and know that Annah had everything covered, and that was a huge relief. I could not have done it without her, and I highly recommend her to anyone planning an event! "

Michael Kearney, Groom

"Attention to detail and dedication are the words that come to mind to describe Annah. My now wife Sarah had met with several  different event coordinators before meeting with Annah. When she got home from this particular meeting she told me she had found the right person. Of course, me not having any idea of what was involved in putting on a wedding can honestly say my wife was right. Annah was perfect! When I had met her I could see why Sarah had chose her. They were very much on the same page. Sarah told her what she wanted and Annah without hesitation made every detail perfect.  When we arrived, the venue was looking beautiful and the same work and great attitude continued throughout the evening. Even at the end of the evening when I could tell she was tired from a tremendously long day she just kept going until the reception was over and everyone was gone. For anyone looking to book a small party or a wedding of over a hundred I would highly recommend Annah & Everlasting Affair to take care of your needs. You will be in good hands! Thanks so much Annah!  "

Amy Brown, Bride

" Annah was a dream come true. From the very first meeting I felt confident that she would listen and support me throughout my wedding journey. Annah made me feel comfortable about my style and ideas and helped to bring them to life. On my big day it was such a blessing to have Annah there helping out and providing extra support. I would highly recommend Annah and Everlasting Affair LLC to every Bride I meet!"

Shelby Huerta, Bride

" East to talk to, super helpful, great insight, open to all ideas and gives great ideas in return! When we were unsure which direction to go in, or stuck cause we weren't sure what place setting to pick, Annah stepped up and helped us decide. From the big things to the little things, Annah was there. She really allowed our dreams to come to life! What she did to set up the reception hall was absolutely breath taking and it was exactly what we had wanted!! I would HIGHLY recommend Everlasting Affair to anyone!"

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Thank you so much for taking the time to consider Everlasting Affair for your special event. We hope to work with you and create a day for you to remember for years to come. Tell us a little bit about what you are looking for and we will be in touch soon. 

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